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Welcome to our web site!

We are "PRIDEROCK SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS"  a small hobby kennel located just outside of Cincinnati Ohio in Columbia Township.  We take pride in all of our Shelties. We strive to breed quality dogs, whether it be for the show ring or just a loving companion. We are a member of the "Cincinnati Shetland Sheepdog Club" and also an "Iams Preferred Breeder". All of our kids have been tested .  Of course, like all reputable Breeders our relationship won't stop here. We'll be here for any questions you may have or problems you may encounter. 

Please spay/neuter your loved ones.


Owned by:                 

 David and Patricia McLane 

5536 Whetsel Ave.

Columbia Township, Ohio, 45227

Ph.No. (513) 272-2471

Fax:    (513) 272-0771

       You were a beautiful baby and "Asa"  look at you now!


Because NOBODY does it better than you.....Janet and Jim Belcher of Okie's Shetland Sheepdogs, THANK YOU for all the wonderful things you've done for us. 


Donna Garten of Michelty Shetland Sheepdogs, our friend and mentor, THANK YOU.


We would like to send a special "Thank you" out to all our friends and family.

Robert and Anna Miller

Joy Harbeson of Granview Shetland Sheepdogs

and Marlene Kanzlemar for taking such good care of our babies!

Pull up a rock, sit down and watch the dogs having fun.


This page was last updated on 11/25/99.

New Stories

Why is Clash of Kings So Addicting?

Anyone that has a modern smartphone has probably tried out a couple games at some point. To me, it’s crazy how addicting they can make these games, especially like games such as Clash of Clans…and now, Clash of Kings.

Clash of Kings is basically a strategy based MMO for your phone, based around building an empire and conquest. Basically you build your base and your army, and then kill monsters and other players. So even though the name is similar to Clash of Clans, they aren’t the same style game.

The key aspects of the game:

  • Build Your Empire – you build your city in real-time, and are constantly at the risk of being attacked by an enemy, day or night.
  • Join an Alliance – you can join an Alliance of players to do things like join battle events, fight rival Alliances, attacking bases, and helping each other with construction.
  • Gear Up Your Hero – you will be able to equip your Hero with full sets of armor to be the ultimate warrior  in the battle.
  • Research Trees – build a College to choose from 4 different research trees: city development, resources, defense, or military.
  • Player Vs Player – spy and attack neighboring bases and participate in NPC battles for great rewards and gaining high ranks on the leaderboards.

The Ugly Truth Behind the Game

The game is full of cheating. Not only are there tons of Clash of Kings cheats out there, it’s also rumored that the maker of the game sells software that helps players farm almost infinite resources. In a game that is pay-to-win, it’s tough to beat someone that is gaming the system without cheating yourself, or spending money on the game.

Sure the game is great, but once you are one or two weeks into playing the game, you will realize what I’m saying is true. Don’t even bother trying to build up a castle, because someone is surely waiting for the perfect moment to ruin your hard work.

If you’re going to play the game, then just find a way to cheat. If you want to have fun playing a similar game that isn’t full of cheaters then maybe check out Path of Exile.

Brief Review: Dream League Soccer

Although it’s a solid football game for smartphones, keep in mind that there is always a catch.

To being with, let’s get to the good aspects.

  • Considering that it’s best played on a mobile device, the game looks quite decent overall. Similar to an older FIFA, but with better graphics and faster loading.
  • Quick and easy to get into a match, and they don’t last long.
  • Controls are well thought-out, and becoming an advanced player is quite easy.

And now we can focus on the low points.

Although the game is advanced like a FIFA game, there are many aspects that make parts of it actually too dumbed down. Balls can be stolen just by running players into one another, players get tired way too quickly and often just completely injured, and sometimes the AI plays downright awful. I had a situation where the opposing goalkeeper passed the ball to my forward…twice. So while many are pleased by the simplicity, it is often more of a hindrance than a positive touch.

Next, behind just the idea of playing football, the game also has a campaign mode, where you are first introduced to the financial model of the game. You start off with a tiny amount of gold coins, and gain them playing and winning games. The beginning amount is enough to net you a decent player, then the grind begins…but of course you can avoid this if you want to spend real money or find some Dream League Soccer hack.

Normally this freemium model doesn’t sting too much if the game has a higher skill ceiling to help veteran players to do just as well as players that are spending real money. The problem with this game is that, no matter how good you play with your campaign team, you can only move up to the next higher league once your stadium is also upgraded. So there you are choosing between getting additions to your squad, or upgrading your stadium.

Free, Printable Pokemon Paper Crafts

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo video game company. Satoshi Tajiri created the Pokemon in 1995. They where released as role playing characters for Game Boy games.
Although this is why and how the Pokemon characters were created, they have blossomed into trading cards, cartoons, comic books, and other merchandise since their inception. It doesn’t matter how you were introduced to these lovable Japanese characters, these free, printable Pokemon paper craft models will be a great addition to your collection. Even if crafts isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the latest versions of the game on your computer with a Pokemon Heart Gold ROM, or Soul Silver.

Paperpokes – The Unofficial Pokemon Papercrafts

I am not sure how many pokemon paper craft models that is listed on this blog. There are more pokemon characters to make when you click on older posts.

To download the pokemon characters, you choose the A4 or Letter download. Either of these will download the character to your computer. You will need to locate where the character was downloaded to. When you open the folder for the pokemon character, you will see four files. You will want to click on the PDF file that has the pieces for your character. There is a file for the instructions that is saved as PDO. So the instructions may be unreadable.

Printable Pokemon Paper Craft Characters

The two character Japanese link on the left is the download for the Pokemon character pieces. Click that link and it will open the character into a new page where you can print the character from there. The left link is the instructions for each of the characters. The text is in Japanese, but there are photos to help with assembly.

TP Roll Pokemon Crafts

These Pokemon characters are made with toilet paper rolls. While they aren’t made in the same manner as the ones above, they are made with the use of paper crafts.

On the main page of the Pokemon TP roll crafts, you will see a complete list of characters they have on hand. Click on the link to get to the instructions and template for the characters. You can choose a color or black and white template from this page.

The templates will open in a new page. Once the page opens, click the print button above the character. The black and white characters can be colored compared to the colored template that has the pieces filled in with their chosen colors.
You will need a toilet paper roll for the body of the Pokemon characters. I suppose if you use card or heavy stock paper, you won’t have to save the toilet paper rolls.

How to Use Your Television as a Computer Monitor

Computers are great for watching movies and TV shows – except for that tiny monitor. Even large monitors seem puny next to the big TV in your living room, unless your splurge one of those new ultrawide monitors. Have you ever just wished you could hook up your computer to your TV and surf the Web on a big screen? Well, you can!
With the countless combinations of television and computer models out there, it is impossible to provide the exact tutorial for your particular set up. However, the following basic guidelines should help get you started. At the end of the article, I have provided some links to helpful tech forums which may be able to help you further if you get stuck. (The guidelines below are for PC computers.)

Getting Started

In a nutshell, you’ll need to determine what kind of cables your computer and television require to connect to each other, then you’ll simply hook them up to each other. Depending on the age of your TV, you may or may not need to adjust some of your computer’s settings.

Determining the Video Cable

Generally speaking, the newer your television, the more options you’ll have. In ranking of video quality (from best to worst) your options may include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, component video, s-video, and RCA/composite. For descriptions and photos of each of these types of cables, Microsoft has a helpful chart here:

Note: If you have an old analog TV like mine, the s-video may be your only option (the quality is similar to watching a TV show you recorded with your VCR). S-video cables typically serve their purpose for watching videos, but regular text (i.e. on Web sites) will be tiny and fuzzy. If you’re hoping to surf the web using your TV, s-video isn’t your best option.

Also, you may have trouble with compatible cables with older TVs and may need an adapter. An adapter is essentially a “middle man” cable that will allow you to connect two incompatible ports. If you have a really old television with only a coaxial cable option in the back, you will more than likely need an adapter to match up with the port options on your computer.

If at this point you feel overwhelmed by cable choices, write down the options you see on the back of your TV and on your computer, and take that list to the electronics store with you. Ask a store representative to help you decide on the right configuration.

So, you’ve figured out what kind of video cable you need to connect your computer to the TV. But before you make your purchase, there is one more facet of the cable you need to identify. Look at your chosen video ports on your computer and television. Do you see a series of tiny holes or a series of tiny metal pins? You’ll often hear the configurations as male (when you see the metal pins) or female (when you see the holes).

When purchasing the cables, you need to make sure that not only do you buy the right type (i.e. VGA or s-video) but that you have the corresponding male-female set-up for both ends of the cable. The packaging will tell you what type of plugs are on each end.

Here is an example. You have decided to use a VGA-15 cable because that is the highest quality port you see on your computer that is also on your television. You notice that each port has 15 tiny holes (female). So you would go to the store, and look for a VGA cable that has two corresponding male ends (the package will probably be marked as male/male).

Also keep in mind where you’ll set up your PC or laptop in relation to the TV. Shorter six foot cables will be significantly cheaper, but you won’t get too far away from the TV. If you plan on sitting in your recliner to surf the web, you may want to invest in the longer cable.

Determining the Audio Cable

Your video cable will only provide just that — video. You will also need a separate sound cable (unless you just want to play the sound off of your computer speakers). The same rule applies here — make sure you know the type of cable you need for each end.

In my own personal use, connecting to my older TV requires the standard headphone plug for the computer and a set of red and white RCA plugs for the TV. When I use the same computer with an HD TV, I use a cable with two headphone plugs (one on each end).

The exception to the sound cable is if you are using an HDMI or RCA/composite cable, which includes both video and audio.

Plugging In

Once you have the proper cables, you’re ready to begin making connections.
With both TV and computer turned off, plug in the audio and video cables.
Turn on the TV and then the computer.

Setting Up

Now here’s where it gets a little tricky, based on your hardware. When using my old TV, I have to go into my laptop’s monitor display settings (under control panel) and tell it to recognize the TV as a second monitor. Choose the mirrored option to show identical screens on your monitor and TV. Depending on the brand of your computer, holding down the Function key (Fn) and F5 or F8 should toggle you to a second monitor. But when I use a new HD TV, this step isn’t necessary — it’s like using a plug and play device.

Don’t panic if you still don’t see your computer screen on the TV. The next step is changing the video option on the television. On my analog TV’s remote, there is a TV/Video button allowing me to switch between “TV” (for watching TV) and “Video 1” and “Video 2” (for DVDs, VCRs). For example, my computer screen shows up on Video 1. For HDTV, the model I’ve used actually has a “PC” video option.

You may need to adjust the resolution (if the image looks really poor) or refresh rate (if you notice a lot of flicker — typically it should be set for 60 hertz), but typically you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments. If you do, both of these options can be found under your monitor/display settings.

Ready to Go

After these basic steps, you should be able to view your computer’s screen (and hear the audio) on your television. You’re now ready to watch those online television shows, downloaded movie rentals, or even just to share your digital photo collection with friends and family.


The day I decided to connect my computer to my television, I essentially fumbled through the process. I realized it’s better to plug things in before turning on the devices. I learned that, yes, you do need that audio cable. And I realized that the video card that came with my budget laptop will sometimes conk out on me (I’ve learned to turn off the Vista sidebar, avoid AOL In2TV in fullscreen mode, and to patiently wait as Windows resolves the issue — which is essentially a temporary black screen).

As with all technology, there are always glitches along the way. I hope your set up will be smooth and easy. But if not, here are a few places to find help:

Windows Help — If you’re not sure where to find certain settings on your computer, go to your start menu on Windows, and under Help and Support search for “multiple monitors.”

Tech Forums — Here are a few sites I have visited in the past when I’ve had tech issues. You don’t necessarily need to post a question — chances are somebody already has. Most forums have a search option that will help you find your topic quickly.

Wanting to Visit Us and the Pups

Just wanted to give a quick shout to anyone out there interested in making a trip to visit us here with all the dogs. We will gladly help you make accommodations that fit your needs and can even help a little bit with lodging during certain parts of the year. If anyone is flying in, we recommend checking online at something like a CarTrawler Booking to see what prices are like in our area during your visit, then you could just get the rental while you are here instead of having to book it online (if you aren’t comfortable with something like that).

Anywho, be sure to give us a shout if you are interested at all in visiting and we can help you plan your trip out if you’d like, we’d love to help! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

Must See This Golden Temple

Despite what you might believe, there is more out there besides just our furry companions. While it’s not easy to get away when you have pets since you need to find someone to house or pet sit for you, or even worse, pay for a pet hotel while you’re gone.

We’ve personally been checking out what it’s like traveling to India, and more particularly Vellore India, where the Golden Temple is. We were doing research for what to do about Golden Temple accommodation while we are there since we have no idea where to even start. I think what is even more important is find the right time of year to visit, since I’ve heard some of the year that area gets lots of rain.

Apparently there are some places that you can stay that are on the temple campus, but just in case it’s full when we want to visit, that website above has some close by locations listed.

Much Needed Upgrades

There often comes a point when you need to make upgrades to your living space. This is especially apparent when you are housing many pups, and gets even more difficult during the cold periods of the year.

This year our upgrade was a bit different, but it’s a true improvement to our quality of life. If you’re in an area that gets cold and you have a fireplace or a fire pit out back, then I would highly suggest that you consider getting a wood splitter.

Imagine us cutting wood ourselves for nearly 20 years. It became such a normal part of life that we never really thought about getting something to aid us in our wood chopping efforts.

To be fair though, chopping up the wood and storing it is still a time consuming process with the log splitter, but it takes at least 50% of a labor out of the work. Now all you have left to complain about is having some much wood easily chopped up that you need to find a new place to store it all.

If you’re interested in knowing which one we bought just give us a shout. If you’re looking to do some of your own research, the link I provided above is a great place to start your research.



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